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Be your Boss, Be your Virtual Assitant

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What You Who You Are

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Take the Plunge – Act on your dream, Work on your desire


Venturing into the Work From Home Work Space, I write this piece more for the woman who decides to or is considering taking up the Work From Home Option over the office job. I too am one who has chosen this

Good Email Etiquette helps avoid perception-accidents on the job


Someone this morning, asked me why is there so much ruckus about appropriate communication on the net, why can’t it be casual — it saves time..My answer to that gentleman is why don’t you jump all the traffic signals and

Get your samples published under your name

Show samples under your name

Most often we come across a job posting that specifically request you to show some samples under you name as links as part of resume submission. Eg, Give us links to your top 2 writing samples with your name on

Work From Home – Myths And Realities


Connect to the internet and the portal for working from home opens. You can earn how much you want, without commuting to work and enjoy spending time with your family. Many people are switching over from regular jobs to work

Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish

Pat Page

I don’t need a new dress, I will let go hair cut this month, I can manage jogging without a good pair of shoes…..Just because I am transiting to find a suitable work from home option…Sometimes we try to save

What you write, is Who you are !!!

Common spelling and grammar mistakes 
by Helen Hoart

Your email ( amongst other things like Skype-ping, FB message, tweets) to a prospective employer is your fist and last chance to make an impression. The way you write (read, present yourself as a prospective candidate) is your “body language”

Business url is your Suit and Tie in the Virtual Workspace

Image Credit

Once upon a time, having a personal url (or) personalized business url used to be the previlege of elite few. Afterall, the cost involved in hosting, design and development we so exorbitant, it made hard for independent contractors / freelancers

Hire Yourself, Be your own VA


Most often Established Work from home Professionals are approached be Wannabe  Work from Home Enthusiasts asking for directions as to how to “find” a job that lets you work from home. Here is a situation that relects the same sentiment..just

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