Book Review – “Back to Basics : Transforming Life” by Murali Nandula & Anuja Surve

WFHDI-Book-reviewI was looking forward to reading Murali Nandula’s “Back to Basics” as an investment, after having taken a break from career. Yeah! I recently opted out of my well paid corporate job and was kind of hassled with loss of finances and the social pressure on the lifestyle choices.

Back to Basics –“Transforming life” motivates me to bring about a transformation in the current state of affairs. The book also revives my MBA learning especially Maslow’s theory and refreshes the point that currently I need to strive back for my self-esteem needs. I was particularly impressed by the way the author talks about the life challenges that are most often faced by each one of us at some point in our lives. For such souls, this book is sure to be a good reckoner.

However somewhere in the middle, it felt as if the author is non-rhythmic and adding too many topic-ideas instead of elaborating on the very essence of this book Also felt that with our busy lives, the introspective worksheets don’t add a much value to the book as a whole.

I would recommend this book to those who are experiencing a low tide in their career/life and are strapped for time to conduct elaborate introspection and self-evaluation.

It would be exciting to see what the author writes about next.


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    1. Shweta Arora says:

      Thank you Jahnavi, I am glad the review induced interest. It is equally good to hear that you have headed the right way in your life journey. Please drop in your email id, I will connect with you.

      1. Shweta thanks for the appreciation ! please connect with me on my FaceBook page

        my new website is under constructtion will share the link with you soon.



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