FOCUS – Brahmastra, The Ultimate Weapon

  Before you jump to conclusions, this post is not about violence and bloodbath. But yes, about warfare of a different kind. About the turmoil within ourselves as we get pulled / pushed / prodded by priorities of soul / self and others.   Often, we pause and think about the direction our life is […]

Story behind “Over the Rainbow” – A Mother’s Road to the Rainbow

That’s a brand new gear bicycle that arrived today. A gift to my son for his 13th birthday! As promised, it was for his performance in his sixth class. I was overwhelmed when I read, ‘Promoted to class VII’. I had to keep up my promise. Finally today when it arrived, it straightaway went to […]

Effort is not action, Act is : so, ACT now

Feeling lost and stranded after resigning my previous job, I was totally depressed and frustrated and was unable to think what to do next. As a newly-wed, I was taking my time to amalgamate into the new environment where I had a new language and a brand new family to tackle with. The only connecting […]

From PA at office to VA from Home
Work from Home, a career shift by choice and/or accident

For the uninitiated PA – Personal Assistant VA – Virtual Assistant Our society encounters two types of women classified by career. Those who attend office -working women, and those who do not attend office -just a housewife. (Rage-infusing misnomers that has the capacity to churn out a hurricane in me. Never mind, that is not […]

WFH Peril, Perception – Don’t juggle them, tweak them to be just right !!!

When I became a mother four years ago, I was working with a multinational organisation. I had a job that I loved and never could imagine that my becoming a mother could interfere with my career. I had no idea that my heart would begin to pull me in different directions. I had believed that […]

Take the Plunge – Act on your dream, Work on your desire

Venturing into the Work From Home Work Space, I write this piece more for the woman who decides to or is considering taking up the Work From Home Option over the office job. I too am one who has chosen this path, and the success I seek is yet to meet me. Here I am taking […]

Hire Yourself, Be your own VA

Most often Established Work from home Professionals are approached be Wannabe  Work from Home Enthusiasts asking for directions as to how to “find” a job that lets you work from home. Here is a situation that relects the same sentiment..just  that.. it is for a “regular-real-job, and not a Virtual oppurtunity. But I guess we […]

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