Business Promotion

Advertising Guidelines

Here are some guidelines to promote your products and services on our website and on our facebook group.

  1. All business promotion / opportunities are accepted except for fake, fraudulent ads, promising unrealistic money like “earn $1000 per week”.
  2. Once you make the payment your business name is listed on our Online Business directory. And every month we are going to promote your business to our email list which has 1000+ members.
  3. Apart from of listing your businesses on our website you also get a benefit of reaching your ideal clients / customers on our group where you can  promote your products and services. All business promotions are allowed on Wednesdays only.
  4. If you are the actual biz owner, promoting your business here, then you get one month additional subscription for free at the end of yearly / half yearly subscription.
  5. If you are evangelising for the biz owner, then you are not eligible for FREE one month additional subscription.
  6. [NO FACEBOOK LIVE VIDEOS WHATSOEVER FROM OTHER GROUPS, except FB Live from Jessie and Deepa and sharing from our own page is allowed on our group Work From Home Divas India.
  7. If you are promoting any products or services, listing price is mandatory and 3 images are allowed.
  8. Even if the promotions are free events, promos are subscription based. So yes, you would need to purchase a half-yearly / annual subscription. So ideally if you purchase either of our business subscriptions you would get to list your business on our online business directory and get an exclusive opportunity to promote four times a month on our group.

Payments and terms are as follows:

  • Annual payment : $115 ( Rs 7600) + 1 month free (ie pay for 12 months, do promos for 13 months)
  • Half yearly payment: $60 (Rs 3800 + 1 month free for actual biz owners.)
  • Once you make the payment you will receive an email from us where you need to fill your business details and then your business will be listed on our website and you will also be permitted to post on our group on every Wednesday.

PS: Payment need to be made in dollars. You can pay using debit card / credit card or paypal.

No monthly payments are accepted.

All payments are to be paid in full, no instalment options.

***If you want to make payments in Indian Rupees, please write to me at

Half Yearly Payment

Pay With Paypal / Debit Card / Credit Card

Annual payment

Pay With Paypal / Debit Card / Credit Card