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Working from home has been considered the proverbial elusive mirage for so long. But, all if this is about to change. With technology getting more robust, cloud-based and affordable, working from home has become a reality.

However, this concept is still in its nascent stage. Both the WFH Professionals and businesses who employ WFH professionals need to have a clear understanding on the “operational procedures” (in addition to work-specific-skills)  for this to translate into win-win-situation for both.

We at WFHD aspire  to share useful resources derived via  real-time experiences of established WFH Professionals (ie not textbook-material) so that those who wish to embark on their WFH Career are conceptually well equipped, towards identifying scam jobs, scammy clients who take sample-work, but don’t pay up etc. This in turn will give them the insight to work on really-useful-leads and grow on their work from home career.

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Deepa Govind is a work from home professional since 2007, and prefers to call herself as a Homepreneur. She is a Zoologist by education, Blogger by hobby, Freelance Virtual Assistant by chance, and Homepreneur by transition So you see…Things pan out differently, So be brave and explore. Keep the better ones, best is yet to come

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