Effort is not action, Act is : so, ACT now

Despair-is-not-an-optionFeeling lost and stranded after resigning my previous job, I was totally depressed and frustrated and was unable to think what to do next. As a newly-wed, I was taking my time to amalgamate into the new environment where I had a new language and a brand new family to tackle with. The only connecting link between me and my in-laws was my husband who had to leave after ten days of marriage to join his work. What next?



Each day passed by as an episode of boredom, frustration and hopelessness. Then, one fine day, my mother-in-law took me to her friend. That day marked the beginning of a brand new beginning for me. I was introduced to the world of freelancing as an online job option. She guided me through all the processes of setting up a profile and filling in the details. All the stuff she explained to me sounded new and the scary part is that everything appeared quite impossible.


But, there is this saying- Nothing is impossible. I learnt it through my experience.


Slowly and steadily I started getting a hang of what online jobs were all about. I never knew that I, being a dentist, could metamorphose to a dental and medical writer. For me, the online jobs were meant for those who had taken up commerce or arts as their main subjects. I was a hard-core science student who graduated as a dentist.
Though, the whole journey of life was a mix of ups and downs, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could write for a living. As it is said that- All is well if that ends well, I am happy that I could discover a new talent within myself and nurture it to my advantage.


Today, I can stay at home and work at the comfort of my cozy bed away from noisy and dusty traffic. I do not need to beg for a two-day leave from my boss as I am my boss. I do not have to shell out a single penny for a nanny or a maid for my son as I am there to look after him. At the end of the day, I can proudly call myself a mom at work, from home


Our Guest Author : Febin Mary

FebinFebin Mary is a dentist by profession, who quit her medical career to attend to her toddler son. Her medical experience coupled with flair for writing, makes her the go-to source for any medical content that need to be addressed to the masses (..who are less likely to understand medical terms). She can be reached via her website at https://febinsays.wordpress.com