From PA at office to VA from Home
Work from Home, a career shift by choice and/or accident

For the uninitiated
PA – Personal Assistant
VA – Virtual Assistant

From PA to VA

Our society encounters two types of women classified by career. Those who attend office -working women, and those who do not attend office -just a housewife. (Rage-infusing misnomers that has the capacity to churn out a hurricane in me. Never mind, that is not the point.)

Amongst working-women, we still find a reasonable percentage of women employed as PAs. And , sadly the first to consider quitting office soon after confirming motherhood . After all, how much can a PA’s job change after 3 yrs? It is still the same managing appointments, overseeing tasks, organizing meetings etc etc.

But then, after 3 yrs of motherhood sabbatical, the same office has found a replacement, and offices are not very encouraging to hire someone who is likely to have unscheduled “family emergencies..sick child/PTA meeting”. So, what does she do?

She can either quit her career dreams, and fret about after 30 odd years,
or get creative and
look for alternate options to foster her career dreams and brag about it after 30 odd years.

—TAKE your PICK—

Given the innate desire to be successful at career and a hands-on-mother, our PA-freind decides to do a 180o turn on her career and become a VA. She sheds her “Personal Asstant” tag, and becomes a “Virtual Assistant” who turns her PA-experience into a cash-cow.

Jessie D Souza responds to popular Q&A’s in this matter at Women’sWeb


Image Source :’s Sketching up a reality – a classic example