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FOCUS – Brahmastra, The Ultimate Weapon

  Before you jump to conclusions, this post is not about violence and bloodbath. But yes, about warfare of a different kind. About the turmoil within ourselves as we get pulled / pushed / prodded by priorities of soul / self and others.   Often, we pause and think about the direction our life is […]

Connecting in the 21st Century

A while back, I was recommended a self help book entitled “The Connected Age” by Sudhakar Ram by a family friend. Now being the kind of person who has a severe allergy against preaching moral science for adults, I was apprehensive about reading this but something drew me towards it. That “something” was the tagline […]

Story behind “Over the Rainbow” – A Mother’s Road to the Rainbow

That’s a brand new gear bicycle that arrived today. A gift to my son for his 13th birthday! As promised, it was for his performance in his sixth class. I was overwhelmed when I read, ‘Promoted to class VII’. I had to keep up my promise. Finally today when it arrived, it straightaway went to […]

Crafting THE Perfect Portfolio

Traditional job-seeking model calls for a CV / Resume from the applicant. A typical CV contains Academic details, past Employment details etc. Should these match up the job on board, the applicant is called in for a in-person interview for personal evaluation. This is a typical recruitment process for job. However, with freelancing gigs, the […]

Women’s special Guilt Train : No matter what you do (or don’t do)

For a change, here is the IMAGE Credit, before you begin reading Don’t be rattled by the baby guilt trip by Nina Funnell I have read several articles of the guilt that a working (office going) mom and the ones that emphasize on the need for women to continue at their careers to be good […]

Good Grammar is Good Manners : Both demand little, but go a long way

When you meet a person, you get the first impression from his clothing, his opening words and the way he carries himself. This is what good grammar does to your writings. Your writings are strangers to the readers and a good grammar is like, perfect, formal clothing. It may not be noticed always, but its […]

Effort is not action, Act is : so, ACT now

Feeling lost and stranded after resigning my previous job, I was totally depressed and frustrated and was unable to think what to do next. As a newly-wed, I was taking my time to amalgamate into the new environment where I had a new language and a brand new family to tackle with. The only connecting […]

Book Review – “Back to Basics : Transforming Life” by Murali Nandula & Anuja Surve

I was looking forward to reading Murali Nandula’s “Back to Basics” as an investment, after having taken a break from career. Yeah! I recently opted out of my well paid corporate job and was kind of hassled with loss of finances and the social pressure on the lifestyle choices. Back to Basics –“Transforming life” motivates […]

From PA at office to VA from Home
Work from Home, a career shift by choice and/or accident

For the uninitiated PA – Personal Assistant VA – Virtual Assistant Our society encounters two types of women classified by career. Those who attend office -working women, and those who do not attend office -just a housewife. (Rage-infusing misnomers that has the capacity to churn out a hurricane in me. Never mind, that is not […]

WFH Peril, Perception – Don’t juggle them, tweak them to be just right !!!

When I became a mother four years ago, I was working with a multinational organisation. I had a job that I loved and never could imagine that my becoming a mother could interfere with my career. I had no idea that my heart would begin to pull me in different directions. I had believed that […]

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