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Have you listed your Goals and action plans yet for another great year?

If NOT, here is a right opportunity for you to set up your GOALS and take action straight.

What if I tell you that YOU don’t need a solid strategic Plan to achieve your goals. Do you want to generate some quick money through your hidden talent by creating some amazing offers?

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Here is an amazing, unique, never existed income earning product that gives you 5 unique offers which can be literally used to generate good income if you IMPLEMENT it right away.

    • This is for you IF YOU want to earn quick money by actually using your time and skills in a right way


    • This is for you IF YOU are committed to earn $5000 within 3 months.


    • This is for you IF YOU believe in yourself and is READY to do anything [morally, legally and ethically] 🙂


    • This is for you IF YOU are a strong, willing person and loves challenges and have self inspiration to succeed in life.


  • This is for you IF YOU are an ACTION taker and not just the action planner.



What does 5 Magnetic Offers has?

    • Research Report offer: In this offer you are going present a Research and reporting service to your clients. The research can be on any topic, any business and in any industry. You should be able to do well a research and write the report, present it neatly in a PDF format and deliver it within 48 hours.


    • Digital Summarizations offer: In this offer you are going to request your clients to grant the access to their online courses / programs they had purchased but never got time to implement the ideas in the courses. In your offer you will go through all the courses and summarise the important actions takeaways for your clients and present them in a well formatted PDF file under 48 hours or 72 hours after receiving the payment.


    • The Detour offer: The Detour offer is something that you enjoy doing, BUT isn’t your CORE business or service. For example, you could be a professional Bookkeeper, but you also like writing blog articles in the food niche. If you truly enjoy writing blog posts for food niche you could offer your clients a batch of articles (say 10-15 articles) for a fixed price. Again to make this offer attractive offer 48 hours turnaround time.


    • Optimization Report offer: Optimization offer could be anything that is required for clients’ business. Check client’s website or website copy or social media profiles or their products, services or course sales pages.. Are they optimised well? Do you see a lot of issues on the above places? Now craft your offer and tell them how you are going to present them the optimization report. Keep 48 turnaround time for this offer too.


  • Competitor Analysis Offer: Who wouldn’t love to have a list of competitors and what they do in their business? In this offer you are going to present them a report and going to list who are their competitors, where are they located, their products / services and their online visibility reach and insights.


Your Takeaways

    • You will learn how to craft  5 unique offers to pitch in any clients in any industry


    • You will learn 3 unique strategies to reach your ideal clients


    • You will learn to price the offers properly without losing your peace.


  • You will GET a COLD email template from me to reach your ideal clients on Linkedin.


Is this for Anyone?

May be NOT. Because this is definitely not a quick rich scheme game. YOU do need to craft your offer, send emails to your ideal clients and DO the actual work as a WFH professional. These are real income generating offers with tight deadlines. If you are someone who misses constant deadlines, you may have to change your habit first and then start working on this offer. YES. I mean it. Once you buy this product, I want you to MAKE MONEY. That’s why I want to be honest with you. Without hard work you cannot make good money.

I am giving you an opportunity to access this product for $8 ONLY. The actual price of this product is $10, so you can grab this for 20% discount now.

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