Client Rockstar Coaching

3 clients under 3 months

Pay With Paypal / Debit Card / Credit Card

How to Get 3 clients under 3 months straight in as little as 90 days even if you have never come across genuine WFH opportunity that actually pays.

What is Client Rock Star Coaching:

  • I teach, support and hand hold every single step of becoming the official VA. Personal Coaching with 3 online sessions
  • Online Coaching that will help you get 3 clients under 3 months (ranging from $300 – $500 per client).
  • Customised templates for pitching the clients, discovery calls, sending the proposal and close the deal.

Here is the process:

Step 1: Fill out the Application to determine if you are a good fit

Step 2: Assessing the application – If you’re a good fit – next step Discovery call.If you don’t fit for the coaching you will receive an email saying “Thank you for your application to Client Rockstar Coaching. At this moment I may not be able to take you as this requires TIME / MONEY / EFFORT / COMMITMENT (whatever applies in your situation).

Step 3: Make the payment

Step 4: Welcome Letter – Do an Intro call – assessing skills, and interests, listing the services + list of required tools for learning.

Step 5: Weekly chats to see progress

Step 6: Proposal Pitching

Step 7: Discovery Call with the client

Step 8: Proposal drafting with packages

Step 9: Next Step Email – Request upfront payment

Step 10: Do the next call with client what process you use + how you will communicate. weekly/bi-weekly meetings etc.

Step 11: Start Working


Who can take this Coaching?

Anyone who is COMMITTED to earn, has good command over English (Excellent communication skills) and ready to do whatever (i.e, ethical, moral and legal) including high end investment in themselves can take the coaching. You don’t need any skills or experience to take this coaching.

An existing VA struggling to find high paying clients can definitely take it.

What’s the price?

This is an highly effective, life transforming coaching where YOU will definitely see results within 3 months of coaching. With that being said, the results are completely personal depending on your abilities, learning, efforts, commitment and perseverance.

The price for this Client Rockstar coaching is: $1200

Remember YOUR decision shouldn’t be based on the price, rather based on your commitment and conviction.

Do I need any software to be installed?

You do need to learn some tools (based on the services you provide). But most of them are free, so you need not worry about it.

Can you guarantee the results?

No – I learnt this in a harder way. I can definitely guarantee results for myself. Because I can do it. But, I cannot guarantee results for others. Why? Read below.

When I started this High End Coaching, I guaranteed results and I got only 3 people who actually believed in themselves and invested in it and I am so proud of them.

There were a few who started pressurising me on the results THAT they will only invest in it if I guarantee them 200% results. Find an online coach, or a consultant or an expert, spend several thousand dollars for their coaching. Will they guarantee results? Nope, because the RESULTS are individual and depends on individual’s commitment and perseverance to achieve them.

I want you to be a ProfessionalVirtual Assistant who takes initiative, starts learning the required skills immediately and take responsibility for your own actions. When that is achieved, this Coaching becomes effective and Fruitful.

I will definitely provide you client leads and help you draft every single proposal so you can achieve the goal of earning $300 – $500 per month.

Is there a refund?

No – Because this coaching is PERSONALISED one. Every strategy and every session is customised according to your learning and the services that you offer to your clients.

I want this, How to proceed further?

Here is the application URL: Apply Now

What payment methods do you use? Do you provide instalment options?

I take payments via NEFT and paypal.

Yes. You can pay it in two installments.

I have still more questions, how can I get a quick response?

Please send an email to and I will answer all your queries.

We have started the enrolment again for Client Rockstar Coaching. And it will close on 31st January 2018.

If you want to start the Coaching in mid Jan or later you can still enrol now for this price.

***If you want to make payment in Rupees email me at