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How I became a Virtual Assistant, aka Work From Home Professional!!

OK, so I’m not really a Work From Home Consultant expert but the several hundred aspiring work from home people I have helped go from struggling to get work from home jobs to Earning their dream income, actually think I am.

I think it’s a nice side effect of helping so many people overcome their struggles after they have been floundering around & getting desperate for so many years.

Before I dedicated myself to helping people say adios to Right direction to start the work from home profession, I was a Virtual Assistant and a Kindergarten Teacher and it took a lot of inspiration & a truck-load of guts to get to where I am today. So, the reason I am CALLED an expert is because one fine day, I decided I was going to really figure this whole Work From Home THING.

For once, I wanted a solution..not a possible solution but a sure-shot, carved-in-stone solution. And so I did. I gave it my all (time, money, effort) and I am incredibly proud of the results I have managed to get for my people.

Now it’s your turn.

Do you want to make decent income that can pay your bills, can purchase stuff that you wanted to buy from your OWN money for so many years?

If so, this is the right time to invest in yourself and get this group consultation before it’s too late.

You might have come across many work from home opportunities that promised you instant, overnight income. You might have invested a hell lot of money on work from home jobs only to find out all that was SCAM. I get that because I have burnt my fingers too. Not anymore. Here is the chance to know every nitty-gritty of work from home concept and put into practice.

So here is what you get in my consultation:

  1. What’s a VA?
  2. The three broad categories of services.
  3. How and what services to choose?
  4. Writing a winning Proposal
  5. Contract Templates
  6. Knocking down the No-experience syndrome. [You can still get a client if you don’t have any experience]
  7. The ABSOLUTE important tools needed for you
  8. Best Platforms to promote your VA services.
  9. You will also get the recording of 2hr Consultation session
  10. All the material that you can use to secure your first client within 30 days.

The Group consultation is on January 10th. Time: 10am – 12pm IST. If you cannot attend this session, my next session will be on January 18th, from 10am -12pm]. You can attend either of the sessions.

Price for the group consultation is : $100

So dive in and sign up for the group consultation below.

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