What Our Clients Say

Sneha Rao

I had over 3 years of experience as a Recruiter when I took Jessie’s consultation service since I was looking for a career change as a Virtual Assistant. When I ventured out on my own, I found that VA field is an ocean by itself. I had my own personal commitments and I couldn’t go on deciding the course of action since I was in a time crunch. I approached Jessie and from then on, it was smooth sailing. I was placed on a project within 1 month. I am continuously learning new tools through Jessie’s  guidance and encouragement.  It was a big time-saver that I could start working right off the bat. What would take a year’s time to decide took me just a months’ time and I highly recommend her services to anyone who is willing to work hard.

Anika Jain

I have been member of this group for quite a while.. I have been working as a content writer for last 1.5 years… Since, then I have been always struggling to find projects especially the good paying projects.. I used to take any work as long as it was paying me even though it was not worth the effort… I was so demotivated that at one point I decided to quit and think about something else..

Then, in November 2016, Jessie posted about 30 minutes Skype consultation… I requested her one and in the session she explained me where I was going wrong, how to do marketing for myself, explained how should I try to find and approach the potential clients..

That session with Jessie has helped me immensely.. It gave me so much confidence to think with a open mind, trust myself and be patient.. Even though I haven’t achieved all my targets yet but yess I started getting good work and clients…

Thank you so much Jessie for that session, for answering all my queries patiently and lastly for all your support…

P. S. The best advice she gave me is that I should learn to say No to low paying tasks that is not worth the efforts ..Rather invest that time in learning or finding new client.

Charu Dev

“A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself.” This statement has been proved by my dearest friend Jessie Dsouza.

I met virtually with Jessie when I took her paid consultancy for career guidance for work from home options. That was the time when I was on the edge of depression like stage and lost all self-confidence as a person as well as a professional. While searching for various options I came across this wonderful group “Work from Home Divas India” organized and managed wonderfully by wonderful divas of various background. During the course, Jessie Dsouza organized personal chat program where she through online one-on-one chat, assured me to provide personalized solutions for work from home options. This was a paid session with a very nominal amount. After a bit of hesitation (which was obvious, as it is not so easy to believe anyone whom we never met personally) I accepted the offer and paid the amount in one go. The Skype chat was organized in three sessions.

Now I can say that I took a very wise decision because Jessie came in the form of a close friend who is blessed with noble eyes that can see your hidden potential, having kind ears that can hear your unsung vibes of qualities and abilities and a very kind heart that is able to sense your unspoken feelings and emotions within a minute.

Very empathetically she listened to my problems and gave very practical solutions as per my needs and requirements. All the sessions were not a mere mechanical professional conversation, instead, those were friendly conversations between two friends sitting in their drawing rooms with their all comfort. She not only advised me to upgrade my current skills but also motivated to learning new some new skills as well. During the conversation, she gave some wonderful tips for managing the balance in between available time and work I can do from my own comfort zone. The story didn’t end here. On the practical ground, she should have stopped there, as she had delivered what she has promised already. But I am glad to share that still she always talks to me, she is always there to guide me and she is just a message away from me.

With her unconditional support and extended guidance, today I can prove myself as Content Developer and got two projects with suitable remuneration. With her moral and friendly support, I am regaining lost confidence in myself and my abilities.

In real, my vocabulary, knowledge, and wisdom are too short to express my gratitude towards Jessie Dsouza.

At last, all I can say, whatever I am today, it is all because of her services where she takes the pain to understand our problems and limitations, provides the practical solutions and always helps in implementing them in real time. Whatever amount I had paid that time, was not enough the return I got in form of life-long and worthy friend, coach and unconditional moral support forever.


Twinkle Khurana

I am working as a work from home professional since 2010. Post my kids I had two options one to quit everything and become only a full time mother and other was to create a door of opportunity and move on. I started exploring the world. I did recruitments, online trainings, online tutoring and what not. But I never knew there is a stream as a Virtual Assistant exists before I met Jessie.
Jessie opened my eyes about what exactly a potential is in VA Role. One can work as per her or his time virtually for more than one client I never knew this. I always thought what I do is VA but after having interaction with her I came to know the difference between VA and VE(virtual employee = me).

Jessie gave me a motivation and a thought process all together with her great insight and inputs which surely I am gona use to step ahead.
God Bless You Dear Keep the good work going. !!.

Basudha Bhattacharya

After having a session with Jessie. It gave me a clear understanding where all I need to improve. She educated me about the online tools. What all must skills I should have to make my profile look strong. She shared the beauty of being an entrepreneur and choose your work as per your choice.

Shweta Nair

My heartfelt gratitude and thanks to Jessie Dsouza for offering me Work From Consultation. It was definitely a game changer for me and brought about a transformation in the way I thought about work from home. Her knowledge is immense and the tone with which she delivers the entire message is thoroughly professional. It was an interactive consultation and even my most ignorant of questions were dealt with utmost sincerity and precision. The resources shared were not just helpful for the moment but can surely act as a guide for future navigation. I recommend this session for the new bees who are still testing waters or afraid to and even for the ones who have spent a while here, but don’t feel assertive about finding or engaging clients.

Rayan DSouza

While I was doing my Masters in Business Administration, I always had a dream of having my own business. When I met Jessie I was so fascinated to try freelancing work. I was very new to this concept and I became too excited to become my own Boss. She has been a Virtual Entrepreneur from past 7 years. She helped me to understand each step of becoming an independent freelancer. She gave me tremendous advice and shared her experience which helped me a become a Virtual Entrepreneur myself. She has vast knowledge and experience of Virtual Assistant Industry. If you’re looking for a Freelancing or work from home career, she is BEST to person to consult. I highly recommend her services.

Racchna Mittal

Today, I had an opportunity to interact with Jessie regarding working as a Virtual Assistant and generating a decent income working from home. She shared her valuable insights and tips with me about how I can move ahead in my journey as a freelancer. In fact I have had the opportunity to work with her on a couple of projects in the past. Though I have been trying (read, struggling) to work as a freelancer for around 5 years, it was only when I got in touch with her an year back that I realized what exactly I have been missing out on in my endeavors to be a successful freelancer working from home. Her consistent support and suggestions have transformed me in terms of my approach, my mindset and has given me a sense of direction about what I want to and DON’T want to do as a freelancer.  I am looking forward to her soon –to-be launched structured programs to help work from home aspirants like me. Thanks a TON Jessie!

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